Ep 214 - Misha

Misha has been exploring non-monogamy in varying forms since she was in her twenties when she kind of fell into a spontaneous triad. Since then, the journey has allowed her to explore sex parties, kink, and polyamory. We have some amazing conversations about attachment and what it means to be in a relationship and have a partner. We also get some bonus tips on creating better sex parties.
Misha also co-produces Bonobo Network with William Winters. Alongside William, she is passionate about supporting sex positive community and helping people create more pleasure for themselves. She teaches and consults individuals and communities to develop their consent culture with a harm reduction and transformative justice lens. Her private practice, Clearing Conversations, focuses on conflict resolution and communication coaching and she loves supporting the sex positive community of the Bay Area and beyond in creating sustainable, long-term relationship building.
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